Perfect for any website or application

Do you need to add voice, video, group chat and chat bot functionality to your web applications?

Key features of the rapid rainbow application

Voice & Video Chat

Once configured your users can easily connect and have voice and video conversations without leaving your application.

Instant Message

Your users can enjoy instant messaging with each other.

Group Chat

Setup unlimited Group chats. Invite your connections to chat in a group. Share ideas collaborate together all from within your application.

Chat Bot

Why not jump on the hype of Chat bots. Easily configure your own chat bot via our portal. Perfect for support, Q&A's etc.

"Quickly add instant message, voice and video chat as well as chat bot experience to your web applications."

Best of all it is Powered by the Alcatel Lucent Rainbow platform.

How do I integrate Rapid Rainbow into my web page or application?

1. Sign up - It's Free!

Complete the account registration form via the Signup form. Once you have registered your details you can login and begin configuring your chat widget and BOT.

2. Register App

After registration we require you to register the domain of your web application. This step ensures the widget is licenced to your domain.

3. Configure Chat

Following the registration step you can now start to configure your widget. Via our online widget designer you can change the entire colour of the widget to suit your application.

4. Configure Bot

We make training and configuring your chat bot super easy. Via our Bot configurator you can setup your Bot menu, add Bot commands and responses...no coding skills required!

5. Review & Test

You can test your chat widget and chat Bot via our portal before pushing it to your website or application.

6. Purchase

Before you can publish your widget and Bot to your website you need to pay first. Once you complete the payment process we will then generate your licence Key.

7. Install Widget

Intalling the widget on your site / application is easy. Providing you have access to the website code, we give you the generated HTML script to add to your website.

Go Live!

As soon as the script is added to your website you are Live!

A widget for any scenario

Whether you need to add a sales or support widget for your marketing site or you need a full communication widget for your web application.

Support / Sales Widget

Full Communication Widget


Pricing of our widget, access to the portal and support is straight forward.

Support Widget - 300.00 Euros per site per month

Full Widget - 500.00 Euros per site per month

Whats included in your monthly subscription?
  • Peer-to-peer voice and video chat.
  • Peer-to-peer instant messaging.
  • Group chat up to 5 participants
  • Unlimited BOT commands and responses.
  • 2 hours of free developer support to help you configure and install the widget on your web application.
  • Full portal account access and support.
  • Automatic updates included in your monthly subscription.
  • Personal account portal to view, track and configure your chat widget including your very own chat bot.
  • Built on top of the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow stack.
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